Паяный теплообменник Alfa Laval CB60AQ-40H Невинномысск

Основными сферами применения являются: Теплообменники вода-вода — типы, характеристики, особенности применения Теплообменник вода-вода обеспечивает теплопередачу между двумя жидкими средами.

CB units can be configured as single-pass, dual-pass or multi-pass installations, according to project requirements. This forms a self-contained unit that can handle both high pressures and high CB60AQ40H. This means solid experience in designing units that withstand high-pressure and high-temperature conditions, and in coping effectively with the structural stresses that results from these. Units in the CB range are available in many different sizes and capacities, with varying plate patterns and connections for particular duties and performance specifications. All CB brazed heat exchanger units comply with the European Pressure Vessel Safety Directive, and can also be delivered according to other relevant standards and national codes, as required. Examples include district heating and a wide range of heating, cooling and tap water solutions.

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Пластинчатый теплообменник/Plate Heat Exchanger

CB60AQ-40H Alfa Невинномысск теплообменник Laval Паяный Электрический подогреватель Alfa Laval Aalborg EH 25 Дзержинск

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Купить паяный теплообменник CB60 / CBH60 Alfa Laval (Альфа Лаваль) Оперативный расчет и отличные , CBH, 40, H, ** Alfa Laval is the world's leading manufacturer of brazed plate heat exchangers. CBH, € , G 1 1/4"- G 1", Vienpakāpju, € CBH, €.

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